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  Friendship With Pak 'Stronger Than Steel, Sweeter Than Honey': China Vice Premier


  ISLAMABAD:Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang, the special guest at Pakistan's Independence Day celebration, said today the two countries have always stood by each other and their friendship was stronger than steel.


  China and Pakistan have always stood by each other in difficult times and their friendship will stand the test of time and grow with coming generations, he said, with Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain and Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi by his side.

  Our friendship is stronger than steel [and] sweeter than honey, he said.



  Wang is accompanying a high-level Chinese delegation and expected to sign a few bilateral agreements. He is also expected to inaugurate projects related to the USD 50 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor - a part of the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative which passes through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.




  Jim Niki | 3 hours ago

  china becoming neocolonist.



  Vikram | 3 hours ago

  Very benign articles about China and Pakistan. Not much positive about India at this news site



  Kshitij Saxena | 8 hours ago

  What independence is Paksitan celebrating about? They are already becoming a colony of China



  guest | 9 hours ago

  Why? Is Pakistan a socialist country? Does its government believe in Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse Tung thought?

  为啥?巴基斯坦是社会主义国家?他们的政府信奉马列-毛 思想吗?


  Kovind | 9 hours ago

  Nastier than North Korea !!



  Anonymous | 9 hours ago

  Soon Pak will speak mandarin



  Anonymous | 10 hours ago

  Having occupied areas of Pak occupied Kashmir certainly Pak- China relationship will be honey and much more



  Anonymous | 10 hours ago

  What a relationship of connivance and convenience between an Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorists and Aethist imperialist communist dictatorship ?



  Srini | 3 hours ago

  It is going to rust and sting for sure. Good luck!!!



  Anonymous | 16 hours ago

  China being the biggest user of steel, the Chinese guy visiting Pakistan should well aware that even steel can in extreme heat which will be applied soon



  Shekar | 16 hours ago

  Terrorists and terror-funders.



  Sheik Mohamed | 16 hours ago

  Why India should not also initiate steps to improve ties with China? While Sanghies/Blind NAMO Bhakths asking people to boycott Chinese products, they are not ashamed to place orders for statues and Nagpur Metro Rail project with china.

  为啥我们不改善和中国的关系呢?当Sanghies/Blind NAMO要求人们抵制中国产品的时候,他们却不会因为雕像和那格浦尔地铁项目的订单感到羞耻。


  Rajat Sharma | 17 hours ago

  Everyone knows what type of steel China manufactures. Not being used anywhere.Honey made of sugar, again of no use. Pakistan has no existence of it's own.



  View | 18 hours ago

  Because of India's bad foriegn policy Pakistan without government enjoying lot benefits



  Muhammad Khan | 18 hours ago

  why indians are upset because of OBOR..Its just a project from one to country to another..nothing to worry...Happy Independence day...cheers



  Shankar | 18 hours ago

  China is carefully developing a land route for getting oil from Iran and Iraq. We can not forget the strategic importance of middle east oil in earlier major wars. To that end friendship with Pakistan can result in a pipeline from Iran to China via Pakistan. The road also is a means to this end.



  Anonymous | 18 hours ago

  Hahahahahahaha, only the Chinese will become chief guests on Pakistan's slavery day. After all it's Chinese territory.



  Ajay | 18 hours ago

  Pakistan, N.Korea, Iran hmmm all wrong partners with China....world is seriously getting polarised with Russia being neutral. Russia silent and Neutral will tilt balance in ongoing polarisation, just like USA during WW1 n WW2. All civilisation has an imminent end, and we are watching start of the END.



  Anonymous | 18 hours ago

  As strong and sweet as their friendship with India until 1962 and then they stabbed in the back. India survived but Pak will not survive if and when they are stabbed. Time will prove.



  click2sarav . | 20 hours ago

  Stronger that steel.., Sweeter that honey.., ha ha ha ha.., I wonder when these diplomats became poets and talk funny things like this. But one thing is for sure.., the relationship is definitely sweeter than honey.., the question is for whom? its china who will always taste the Honey and the poor pakistanis will be only be hearing such honey words and feel happy until one day they find its only the Chinese C(he)ATS that are tasting the honey.

  but a good joke by the Chinese anyway.., enjoyed.